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We have never ever done anything like this before; it’s completely and utterly different... We used Scratch as a ‘get out of jail free card’ – a way to get away with experimenting and taking a risk.  

- Libby Strudwick Heritage Collections Manager



Brent, Greater London

Type of museum:

Local Authority-run museum and archive service, with Brent Library housed in the same building

About Brent Museum:

Since June 2015, Brent Museum and Archives have been located in a new purpose-built library and museum building on Willesden High Street. The museum has a permanent exhibition on the history of Brent and a temporary exhibition space, along with access to workshop and performance spaces in the new building. Its collection of over 10,000 objects charts Brent’s history from thousands of years ago up to the present day, representing the communities past and present.

Scratch Project:

The team wanted to engage with more diverse audiences and so developed a project which encouraged staff to work closely with the local Brazilian community to imagine the Brazil to Brent exhibition. The resulting Scratched exhibition was an explosion of colour and nature, reflecting the landscapes and culture of Brazil which many of the community participants missed in their new homes in Brent.