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It was very scary for us to begin with a half-empty exhibition space. A big risk! It challenged the team’s assumptions about what people already know about their town’s history, and what they find interesting and... allowed all staff to have creative input and a chance to talk to visitors. We would like to find ways to keep doing this.

- Catherine Nisbet Museum & Arts Officer



Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Type of museum:

Local Authority-run museum and art gallery

About Nuneaton Museum:

Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery aims to use and develop its collections to strengthen local communities, explore life in the past and present, expand horizons and offer inspiration, learning and enjoyment. They do this through a varied programme of temporary and touring exhibitions, school holiday activities, hands-on history sessions and storytelling for Under 5s.

Scratch Project:

Catherine and her staff wanted to explore ways to support local people to develop a deeper sense of ownership for their museum. The team experimented with the [B]lab, an interactive exhibition-installation inviting local people to choose to display the stories from the collection which resonated with them, enabling the exhibition to grow and evolve over the course of 6 weeks in summer 2016.